DreamHero is a psychedelic artpunk TTRPG about dreams and psychology.

Enter the dream of the god firefly Diod and find the portal to the book of history.

In Prismonia trauma reveals itself as the monster it really is. Procrastination is a demon that dumbs down the population, Depression drains the lands from all color and Addiction destroys anyone who accepts its perfidious gifts.

The game

A Gonzo game, powered by the Apocalypse.

The rules of the game promote player agency and creativity and are designed to help the GameMaster (called The Dreamer) improvise new ideas on the spot. Among other things the book contains:

– 200 fully illustrated pages
– 100 character backgrounds
– 6 weird species
– over 50 Monsters
– A monster-, location- and quest generator

play a weird character


The body of a superorganism walking through Prismonia. Communication among them is based on alternating optical and acoustic waves. No one can say exactly how much musc is growing under the earth.

Its corporeal forms appreciate all life and are only interested in pleasure and debauched festivities.


The Fora are about 2 meters tall, gecko-like cold-blooded animals that think like machines. Their bodies are soft and rather dainty in nature. All their actions are driven by logic. A program that strives for the automatism of all life. Their origin lies in mathematics itself, which makes their existence in Prismonia a law of nature.


Pyramids, fractals, cubes and other shapes. The head of a Karika is as unique as a fingerprint. But they all have one thing in common: a fat bloodshot eye. And it screams incessantly for MORE MORE MORE. They don’t understand that it’s always about themselves. As if they don’t know that they are living beings too. I wonder if they never blink to avoid looking inside themselves?


Fabulous mythical animals. Mystical animal creatures straight out of a fairy tale. Deer with 2m long fluorescent whiskers and wolves with magnificent antlers. Maon have that magical something. This aesthetic that captivates every gaze to them for hours. And they enjoy every second of it. If you were an animal, which one would you be?


They call themselves Elves, orcs, dwarves, halflings, humans and thousands of other names. They are never satisfied with themselves and always believe that the other has it better. This makes them hectic, nervous and tense.
A long time ago a few Nemo kings destroyed the portal to the book of history, which lead to Diod falling asleep.


When a natural disaster has feelings, where energy becomes endless and matter is created from it, whenever an element manifests and attains consciousness, always then a Kosmos is born. They are humanoid crystal beings, ethereal phenomena full of life. Constantly charged and ready to explode.

Thomas Hanusek

artist & possibly a time traveler

Find my other art here: https://krassekunst.de

Marius Hausberger

writer and virtuoso